Wednesday, May 16


I feel like complaining. Feel free to share complaints too. Any comments that sound like "you should accentuate the positive, and not wallow in your own misery" will be summarily deleted. I'm taking this brief moment to wallow in my own, admittedly petty and middle class misery to get it out of my system. If my misery offends you, feel free to abstain from wallowing in it with me.
Let's get this pity party started:
  • I think my son would whine less if I were a better parent.
  • I feel inadequate when women with daughters the same age as my son talk about potty training their girls. (Even though I know girls are supposedly supposed to be potty trained earlier than boys.)
  • I hate that my husband doesn't thank me for doing all the housework, even though I don't thank him for going to his job. I feel like it makes me a hypocrite.
  • My son hates getting his diaper changed, which means that I hate changing it because He flails his legs, and squirms around for all he's worth. I'd let him sit in his poop all day if it wouldn't leak out and make a mess.
  • I think the pediatrician was annoyed with me for letting my younger son's circumcision heal poorly. I didn't know how to prevent it, and it was easy for him to fix.
  • I'm afraid to mention that I had my son circumcised for fear that the anti-circumcision crowd will swoop in to condemn me.
  • The floor of my house is messy, and most days I'll just put on shoes instead of sweeping it up.
  • I'm terrified of roaches, but I can't be bothered to sweep up the spilled food under my toddler's chair frequently enough to be sure we won't get infested.
  • I feel like a bad person for using paper-towels and disposable disinfectant wipes to clean because they're bad for the environment.
  • I repeat that line to myself as an excuse to avoid cleaning.
  • I claim to hate some things more than I do, so that I can feel like a good person for doing those things anyways.
  • I hate that dressing up and wearing makeup makes me feel better about myself.
  • I get depressed during the summer in Phoenix because I never go outside since the heat is nearly unbearable.
  • I've been using face wash on my butt hoping it will get rid of the blackheads-- it seems to be working.
  • I wish I didn't have breasts. They get in the way, and they'll only get worse as I get older.
  • I want to take tap dance lessons, but there are no intermediate classes for people my age. I can either take lessons with 10 year olds, or 60 year olds, or people my age who are *way* better than me and on their way to being professional dancers.
  • I want to play competitive soccer again.
  • Even if I found a tap class or a soccer team I'd have to wait until my baby is older to join because I wouldn't have enough time between feedings to do those things.
  • I haven't been to a dentist for nearly three years. A few months ago I finally got up the courage to call a dentist and set up an appointment. When I went to my appointment they wouldn't even see me because I was pregnant. The receptionist acted like they wouldn't treat me if they knew I was breastfeeding either. I don't know when I'll have enough courage to go back, even though I know I need at least one root canal, if not two.
  • I'm jealous of the friends my husband has at work, but am afraid to tell him because he'll tell me what I already know- that there are people at church I should try to be friends with, and that it's my own fault if I won't even try to make friends.


Beanie's Appa said...

*Swoop Swoop* I hate that American culture has brainwashed you into circumcising your boys. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics say it's not necessary.

I also hate all the shit I get from family and friends for not circumcising my son.

I hate the stress that comes from being the sole breadwinner of a family of 3 + another baby coming, while living paycheck to paycheck.

I hate the nagging my wife gives me when I "go into my cave" (read men are from mars & women are from venus) to destress after we get our son to sleep at night.

I hate not having the time between work and home to pursue hobbies or exercise off that growing gut.

I know having babies is nice, but it sure can make life suck at times.

Beanie's Appa said...

Oh yeah, and the thing I hate most: that pregnancy and breastfeeding cuts off my wife's sex drive completely. Why can't men's "sympathy pounds" during their wife's pregnancy include "sympathy loss of libido" or something like that?

Rich said...

My nephew's wife plays indoor soccer here in Utah with some of her girlfriends to stay fit -- has a blast with it. Maybe you can find a similar group...?

Dentists love your money, so don't put off the root canal or you'll REALLY regret the bigger mess that is sure to come from putting it off.

Be careful what you wish for, though I wouldn't want breasts either. ;o)

Don't let people make you feel bad about circumcising your son. I don't miss my foreskin! "Cheeeese Grommit!"

Okay, sorry, on to the complaining...

I'm sick of lawyers charging $200 an hour when most of what they do is follow a bloody script. I should get paid $200/hr for all the scripts I use at work...

I hate getting old and feeling old! Yesterday after working in the yard all day I just wanted to sleep for a week.

I hate summer. I wish it could be spring all year.

My prostate gland is proof of evolution. Any intelligent designer would certainly have done a better job (this following a week in bed with prostatitis).

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