Thursday, May 10


Maybe it has to do with the fact that I was much younger and living a bubble at the time, but the whole R. Kelly sex-tape thing is news to me. Aside from all the classic 'celebrities are above the law' reading about it made me really mad. Consider the following:

Adult man urinates on your house or car, it's vandalism.
Adult man urinates on your dog, it's animal abuse.
Adult man urinates on another man, could probably be considered assault and would likely result in an arrest.
Adult man urinates on a woman and it's 'sex act.'

Things that are acts of simple violence on anyone or anything else become "sex" when it's done to a woman. I don't fall in with the 'all sex is rape' camp, but when things like this happen I can certainly see where they're coming from.


Jen said...

Sortof along these same lines, I find it interesting & infuriating that celebrities can rape, murder, steal, DUI, molest children, embezzle, etc. However they cannot express unpopular or unkind opinions without losing their jobs. Think Isaiah Washington.

All sex is certainly not rape, but our society has done a wonderful job of portraying most sex as degrading at best.

Belladonna said...

while I can appreciate your sensitivity toward the treatment of women, and the specifics of this particular case....there is A LOT more male on male urination going on that there is male on female. Called "Water Sports" in the gay community there is a whole sub culture that gets off on this - advertising their proclivities by wearing a yellow handkerchief so like minded others will recognize them. I tend to be WAY open minded about what consenting adults do in the privacy of their own homes, but I find this to be just plain sick.

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