Monday, January 26

The hiatus is over or An LDS Blog?

I try to live my religion everyday, and not just on Sundays. While there is obviously room for improvement on this front, my religion will color everything I write because it shapes how I think. (Just for clarification I like my religion, so I want it to shape how I think. ) I wonder, though, if that necessarily makes this an LDS blog.

An instance I remember vividly was a post I wrote about modesty where a commenter took umbrage with my critical approach to the way 'we' talk about modesty. The commenter thought that 'we' meant 'the church' while I intended it to mean 'North American culture.' I do have issues with the ways modesty often is addressed at church, but that wasn't what I was talking about in that post. Perhaps I really should have clarified why I meant by 'we.'

That particular incident wasn't an especially big deal, but it did mark a change the way I thought and wrote about things that are not specifically, or exclusively LDS. I got this notion that, as an LDS blogger it was my duty to make everything I wrote somehow connected to the church. And that, while it was acceptable to have a few posts about unrelated topics, the meat of my blog should deal with hard hitting doctrinal issues. Or alternately that I should just abandon the idea of LDS blogging altogether, and write only about topics that are not specifically LDS, and that the fact that I am Mormon shouldn't be brought up at all.

So I stopped writing.

But there are things I want to write about. Things related to the church, things related to advertising and pop-culture, things related to knitting, things related to pets, things related to my kids, things related to gardening, things related to thrift, things related to feminism, things related to chickens. In other words, things I am interested in.

I'm resurrecting this blog, and issuing a warning to any who may comment here from now on; this blog is about things I am interested in. I am the cohesive unit, and I might not make it clear which particular facet of my interests and society I am addressing.

Here's to blogging, about whatever.

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