Thursday, January 26

Part of the Plan

Let's ignore, for a moment, the myriad troubles of describing life as a test, and think about what kind of test life would be. We understand that under Satan's plan, life would be a multiple choice test, with only one choice (You can have whatever you want for lunch, as long as it is a ham sandwich) . We assume that Heavenly Father's plan (with more Agency (TM) than the leading competitor's) is a fill in the blank test. All of our discourses extoll the permanance, and prevasiveness of Agency. We all forget that we only get to choose from the options that we are given. If there isn't a ham sandwich, I can't choose to eat one. If I don't know that a ham sandwich exists I can't choose to eat one. So, it turns out our test is a multiple choice test.
It makes perfect sense. Heavenly father can't give us the power to choose from anything. He can't let me choose to destroy the earth, I haven't earned that power. But if we've earned the choices, if we deserve them, we'll get them. Right? What if there was a choice that I deserve to be able to make, but the outcome of that choice would change the course of the whole plan of salvation. Doesn't it make sense that it would be better for me to experience some unfairness on earth and be 'repaid' in the eternities so that I will be forced to make the choice that will allow the plan of salvation to continue?
I believe that the options available to us on earth are limited, and our knowledge of those options is restricted so that individuals will only be able to make decisions that allow the plan to move on. I believe that Heavenly Father is responsible for that limiting of choices, and that we agreed to it before coming to Earth.
This is where it gets icky.
We are so often told how important the work of women in bearing and raising children is. Often it feels like empty rhetoric to try and make something that is unappealing into something that is appealing. The fact of the matter is, now that most women have the option of choosing the number and timing of kids, they are choosing to have less children. As discussed elsewhere the population in many western countries is dropping. What do these countries have in common? Good education, and viable work options for women. Many LDS couples wouldn't choose to have children if they felt that it would be a righteous decision. Women were allowed to be treated badly so that most of them would be forced to have children. If women didn't have children then the plan of salvation would have fallen apart. Here's the horrible part. Doctrines, and understandings of eternal truths were left incomplete in order to facilitate the treatment of women that would allow the plan to continue.
In other words, if we knew about Heavenly Mother in any substantial way women wouldn't have put up with the 'patriarchy.' If women were allowed to hold the priesthood then we wouldn't have been content with limiting our influence to our children. If women were allowed the social freedoms that men were then we wouldn't have chosen children. If men were allowed to understand just how valuable, and real, and purposeful women are then they wouldn't have been able to force this social order on us out of respect.
I also believe that, to some extent, true understanding of women has been withheld so that the necessary treatment of women could be commited without understanding, and mankind could therefore remain unaccountable for it's wickedness in these matters.
I take the increasing understanding of women as real partners, and respectable contributors as a sign that this chapter of the plan is coming to a close. It is no longer vital that women be forced to have children. And I believe that Heavenly Father is lifting that veil of ignorance, and disrespect as fast as He can.
The treatment I (and most women) recieve is unjust, and the fact that I can see and feel the injustice of it is proof that it is not meant to be that way, and will not be that way much longer. It chafes me because it is meant to change. I have full confidence that as promised(though I can't find where) woman will be recompensed richly for the injustices she has suffered.


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