Wednesday, March 25

Mouths of Babes

When our oldest was about two years old and just barely talking our drive to church was rather long and involved freeways and all that. One Sunday on the way to church he said "cow?" We shrugged our shoulders and thought that he was probably just thinking about cows. Next week at the exact same spot he, again, said "cow?" At this point we were perplexed. "Maybe he's talking about cars? Hey Nils, say 'car.'" To which Nils said "Cai!" Hmm.
Next week, we get to the same spot and Nils says "cow?"
The weeks after that we started looking all around for anything that could be cow related. This went on for a few months and was rather frustrating. He wanted us to say, "Yes, that is a cow." But we never saw any cows and so did really believe that there was a cow. I was rather convinced that there was some graffiti or something that he thought looked like a cow, but we thought looked like words.
Until one day on the way to church I happen to look up at just the right moment to see this.

A random fiberglass cow on a pole that is visible for barely even a second. It appears just as you come out from an overpass, and disappears behind the ground almost immediately thereafter. You quite literally have to look in just the right spot at just the right time to see it at all. And our poor toddler who spent the whole ride to church gazing up out the window saw this cow every week, and by the time he said "cow?" it was gone.
I'm sorry we ever doubted him.

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