Friday, February 9

It's alive!

It's true, I'm back. I've finished and recovered from my stint as a full-time guest blogger, and shall now return to posting my screeds here. Thanks to everyone who hosted me as a guest, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I think the challenge of writing for a larger audience did me good, at the very least it made me appreciate the comforts my quiet little site a bit more. As promised earlier here are links to all of the posts I wrote at all of the blogs I visited.

At Exponent II

Fleshpots and Manna
Horror Stories, Fairly Tales and Scriptures
At Arms Length

At Feminist Mormon Housewives

Just for Women

At By Common Consent

Negetive Definition
Married to a Martyr
Playing with Fire
A Non-Christmas Post

At Times and Seasons

From Russia with Love
Tooth Bugs
Appropriate Requests

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