Monday, October 30


The primary program was yesterday morning, and was a rousing success in every way. The kids all said their parts, even though one kid was too scared to sit on the stand and had to be escorted to the microphone by his mother to tearily deliver his part. They sat quietly and avoided making faces at the congregation. Lastly (and most importantly to me) they sang all of the songs perfectly and loudly! Even more shocking was that they sang without visual aids except for 'Follow the Prophet' in which there is a tendency to sing the verse about Adam over and over again except changing the names for the other prophets (ie, Noah was a prophet, first one that we know. In place called Eden...). Also after we were done singing the last song I looked out at the congregation and saw more than a few people wiping their eyes. And the kids had pizza, and got candy so I'm pretty sure everyone came out of this thing feeling good about it.

Now with next program a comfortable year away I am setting out to expand the abysmally small repetoire of the primary. As a group they know very few songs - so I've made a list of songs(below) that I think they should know. I plan to go through the list and find out which ones they secretly know, and which ones I'll have to teach them. We're starting out next week Thanksgiving style with "Children all over the World."

Here's the bulk of my list:
-I'm trying to be like Jesus
-Love is Spoken Here
-When we're Helping (we're happy)
-When Joseph went to Bethlehem
-Army of Helaman
-Teach me to walk in the Light
-Tell me the Stories of Jesus
-The Chapel Doors
-The wise man & the foolish man
-Stand up
-Reverently, Quietly
-Reverence is Love
-Rain is falling all around
-Our Door is always open
-Nephi's courage
-I'll walk with you
-In the Leafy tree-tops
-Jesus once was a little child
-My hands
-I feel my Savior's love
-I pray in Faith
-Every star is different

Any suggestions for songs every primary kid should know? (Keep in mind that this list excludes the songs they already know, so don't bite my head off for 'I am a child of God' not being on the list.)


Téa said...

A quick note--I feel my Savior's Love was the first Primary song I heard. I was walking out of the Church after the morning meeting block and the sounds of little voices floated out the open windows of the Primary room. I felt His love as I listened to them sing that song =)

I like what you have on the list so far.
One I would add, um, I think it's called Family Prayer. It starts "let us gather in a circle and kneel in family prayer". We sing that to help transition into prayer time at home--it has three verses though, not as easy to teach that way.

Téa said...

Congrats on the successful program!

Michelle said...

One of my favorite Christmas ones is The Nativity Song, which starts "This is the season, beloved of the year." When you sing through all the verses, it tells the whole Christmas story.

Tigersue said...

Our program went well too. We have one child that is autistic that very, and I mean very quietly said his part.
We also added two extra songs, "Never Forget to Pray" from this April Children's friend, and A Childs Prayer"

I really wanted to sing the 2nd verse to "Holding Hands Around the World", but our new chorister wouldn't do it. I also wanted to to the 2nd verse to "Seach, Ponder and Pray."

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