Sunday, March 12

One Hundred Forty Four

Yesterday it rained. It rained all day. The relief was nearly palpable because it had been 144 days since the last time it rained. Arizona is one of the few places where rain and snow are *always* greeted with rejoicing. The only times I have wished it would just stop raining was when I lived somewhere else.

The air gets so dry here that I get nosebleeds once a month unless I am diligent about keeping my nasal passages moisturized. The greenest of grass in Arizona looks pathetically yellow compared to even regular old grass on the east coast and the midwest. The only evidence many people have of their own perspiration is that their skin starts to feel grimy from the crystalized salt because the sweat dries so fast.

Here is my question: How do you convince people who live like this that water is a precious resource that we have very little of?


Rich said...

It's the same for everything Starfoxy. How do you convince people that global warming isn't just some "liberal agenda" invented to thwart progress and stunt legitimate business growth?

How do you convince people that once wilderness is torn down and paved, it's gone forever?

How do you convince people that the rainforests being bulldozed by the thousands of acres daily (to clear land to raise cheap beef to be sold to McDonald's and Burger King) may hold the keys to cure cancer, alzheimers, and AIDs?

How do you get people to adopt dark-sky friendly lighting policies like some of your AZ towns have thankfully done? We are such wasteful folk! Spewing photons into the night sky because we are afraid of the dark (or because some city councilman owns stock in a local power company).

How do you convince fellow churchmen that when Jesus comes again, he's likely coming with a big bucket and mop, and the first order of business will be a command to clean up our awful mess that we've made of His Creation?

John said...

144's always been significant to me (like the number 40 in the Bible). Maybe because it was the far border of the times tables and anything beyond that, like 13 or 16 or 25-squared, I to get to on my own. And it's full of possibilities--divisible in so many ways.

Anonymous said...

John, I hadn't thought of the 12^2 angle on that, very observant of you. I'm going to have to think about that. Maybe it's a sign of the apocolypse... then again, maybe not.

Rich, I suppose you're right. It is tough to convince anyone to see something that they don't want to be true. Sometimes it seems like the real question behind all of it is "how do you convince someone that they're being stupid?"

It's especially tough when there are unscrupulous scientists and statisticians who are willing to say whatever they are paid to say. *sigh* 

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